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Server Viking Conquer,-Mid Rates Drop 1/400 random and ALot of events and Dragon island Monsters.-Donation for gold only Restart Every Month,-Lag from 60 to 150 Eu Region Host-Fps unlocked and you can make it lock as u want,-Attack at high degree of perfection(Ninja - Monk -...

Take part in both solo and team events such as Guild War, Cross-Server Capture the Flag, PK Tournaments, Champions Arena, Skill Pk . Team Pk, etc.
Enjoy All classes, items, and spells are fully implemented, tested and work exactly the same as official Conquer.
Join hundreds of unique and daily quests which help you level up and improve your gears.
The server is developed and maintained by a group of talented individuals with extensive experience in development, management and game play.


You will find the latest game updates here - Please continue section continuously

This new charging system puts the card in the NPC as you can see in the picture and within 5 minutes to an hour maximum will get the rewardThe reward points are FightersPoints, you will get them after checking the card number and the card .

  • 11 months ago
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This Rank In All Monster`s In Gmae .

  • 11 months ago
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New Event ClassPoleWar Winner Claim 50 M CPS For Every 24 Hours ( Twice A Day ) .

  • 11 months ago
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